Lary Matlick,


Vitanza Furniture and Upholstery has been refinishing my furniture since 2008. As a dealer of fine Art Nouveau furniture, it has always been a priority of mine to have an excellent refinisher who has the talent and skill to make my pieces look as they did when first manufactured. Over the years Mike has honed his skills to treat the special wood and finishes that were originally created for these beautiful decorative art objects. Mike and his crew have always come through with excellent results when put to test, often under pressure and time constraints with a challenging task. Mike, it’s a pleasure to work with you and your team, and I hope to continue the relationship for the years to come.


Macklowe Gallery

Tony DeLorenzo,


Mike Maytal is a seasoned expert in French polishing and veneer conservation. I have worked with Vitanza for over 20 years and continue
to rely on their masterful restoration of fine and important pieces of Art Deco furniture.


DeLorenzo Gallery

Gilberto Oliveros,


“Our clients have to see the original beauty of a piece. For more than 20 years, our company has turned to Vitanza for a certain level of restoration craftsmanship that can show each piece at its best. Restoration is an art, and we rely on Vitanza to give us a consistent high-quality result. Whether they’re revitalizing the luster of an original finish or completing more complex structural or material restoration, Vitanza brings out the beauty of each piece at an excellent value. They take pride in what they’re doing. We look forward to continuing working with Vitanza Furniture Finishers for many more years to come.”


Karl Kemp

Paul Donzella,


I’ve been relying on Vitanza to do outstanding finishing and upholstery work on my furniture pieces for many years. Mike and his crew know what they are doing and can carry out specific instructions to meet my expectations every time.


Paul Donzella